2014 VW Passat Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


2014 VW Passat Oil Type: The maintenance of your Volkswagen Passat is essential for making sure it runs at its best and has durability. 

One of the most crucial aspects of maintenance is frequent oil changes. This guide will go over the details of the type of oil capacity, filter, And the costs associated with it for the 2013 VW Passat.


The Oil Type: The most recommended type of oil for the 2013 VW Passat is a full-synthetic 5W-40 or 0W-40 motor oil. These synthetic oils offer superior security against wear and tear, particularly in harsh driving conditions.

Capacity of Oil: The oil capacity of the 2014 VW Passat is approximately 5.2 quarters, which includes the filter. It’s important to follow the Capacity of the oil specified to avoid filling too much or underfilling. This could result in damage to the engine.


Oil filter: The most recommended oil filter for the 2013 VW Passat is the Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filter (part number 04110-3020). This filter is specially designed to capture harmful contaminants and guarantee clean circulation of oil across the entire engine.

Oil Change Price: The cost for an oil change on a 2013 VW Passat ranges between $80 & $150, based on the kind of oil, labor costs, And location. It’s recommended to consider the cost of these services when planning budgets for regular maintenance of your vehicle.

2014 VW Passat Oil Type

Best Oil For 2014 VW Passat

The most suitable oil for the 2014 VW Passat depends on the engine. However, a reliable all-around oil suitable for a majority of Passats is 5W-30 or 0W-30 synthetic. 

It is more costly than conventional oil but it is more resistant to wear and tear and can last longer between oil changes.

If you reside in a colder climate, you could benefit from a 0.W-30 oil. This oil will be a little thinner and flow more smoothly at lower temperatures, which will help prevent the engine from being rough when it idles.

If you reside in a climate that is hot, you could benefit from an oil 5W-30. The oil will be more dense and offer better protection in temperatures that are extremely high.

Here are some of the specific oils you can apply to your 2014 VW Passat:

  • Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil 0W-30: This is a synthetic oil with high performance that is extremely protective against wear and wear and tear. It’s designed to resist oxidation and increase the lifespan of the engine.
  • Castrol Edge 0W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil: This oil is of high-quality synthetic oil made by utilizing the most advanced additives to safeguard your engine. It’s designed to work with various engines.
  • VW 502 00 Oil: This oil is specially designed specifically for VW engines and is in line with the specifications of the manufacturer.

Whatever oil you select, make sure to follow the guidelines in your owner’s guidelines for the right quality and type of oil. Also, you should replace the oil filter each time you change the oil.

2014 VW Passat Oil Capacity

2014 VW Passat Oil Capacity

The capacity of oil in the 2014 VW Passat depends on the engine. Here are the capacities of oil for the most popular engines of 2014. VW Passat:

  • 2.0L Turbocharged Four-cylinder Engine 5.8 Qts (with filter)
  • 2.5L 5-cylinder engine 6.3 Quarts (with filter)
  • 3.6L VR6 engine: 7.4 Quarts (with filter)

It is crucial to determine the oil capacity of the specific Passat model inside the owner’s manual. It is also possible to find these details on the VW website.

If you are changing your oil on the Passat it is essential to use the right quantity of oil. Over-use of oil can result in the engine overheating or too little oil may result in the engine having to shut down.

2014 Vw Passat oil change interval

The recommended interval for oil changes for 2014. VW Passat typically depends on the kind that you’re using, as well as your driving habits. For a general rule of thumb:

  1. Traditional Oil: For conventional motor oil, it’s usually recommended to change your oil every 3 to 5 miles, or once every three to six months, or whatever is first.
  2. Synthetic Blend Oil: If your vehicle is using an oil that is synthetic then you may be able to extend the time interval up to 5,000-7500 miles, or once every four to six months.
  3. Full Synthetic Oil: In the case of full synthetic oil you will typically last longer between oil change intervals generally between 7,500 and 10,000 miles, or about every between 6 and 12 months.

2014 VW Passat Oil Filter

The oil filter on the 2014 VW Passat depends on the engine. Below are oil filter options for some of the engines most commonly used that are included in this year’s VW Passat:

  • 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine: MANN-FILTER HU 721X
  • 2.5L 5-cylinder engine: MAHLE OC229
  • 3.6L VR6 Engine PUROLATORBOSS PB988

It is essential to examine the oil filter of the specific Passat model within the owner’s manual. These details at the VW website.

When replacing the filter in your Passat it is essential to select the right oil filter. The wrong filter could damage the engine.

2014 VW Passat Oil Filter

2014 VW Passat Oil Change 

Changing the oil in the 2013 VW Passat is a simple process that is easy to do at home, using only a few tools. The steps required to replace the oil in the Passat:

  1. Start the engine by running for a couple of minutes.
  2. Shut off the engine, and find the drain plug for oil at the bottom of the engine.
  3. Put an oil pan on top of the drain plug, then remove the plug to drain the oil.
  4. After the oil has gone through replace the drain plug and tighten it up.
  5. Find the oil filter that is on the outside of the engine, and then remove it.
  6. Install a brand new oil filter, and then tighten it.
  7. Inject the required amount of engine oil via the hole in the oil for filling.
  8. Verify the level of oil using the dipstick and add oil, if required.
  9. Start the engine, and let it run for a couple of minutes to let the oil circulate.
  10. Shut off the engine and then check the level of oil. If needed, add more oil.

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It is important to note that the 2014 VW Passat requires synthetic 5W-30 engine oil. It is essential to use premium oil that is in line with the specifications of the manufacturer to ensure maximum performance and long-term durability for the engine. 

The right oil is essential to the longevity and performance of the Passat. The engine is built to work with a particular oil viscosity as well as additives to ensure that the engine is properly lubricated and cool. 

Changing the oil in the Passat is a straightforward procedure that can be completed at home, using only a few tools. 

It is essential to adhere to the guidelines of the manufacturer regarding the type of oil and viscosity in order to ensure the best performance and durability for the Passat.

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FAQs – 2014 VW Passat oil type

What kind of oil does a VW Passat take?

VW Passat 1.9 TDI Oil Specs 1992-1995 Passat 1.9L TDI models use VW 505 00 oil spec. 1996-1997 Passat 1.9L TDI models with AHU or IZ Engine Codes use VW 505 00 oil spec. 2004-2005 Passat 2.0L TDI models with BHW Engine Code use VW 505 01 oil spec.

What kind of oil does a 2005 VW Jetta take?

2004-2005 Jetta 1.9L TDI models with BEW Engine Code use VW 505 01 oil spec. 2005-2006 Jetta 1.9L TDI models with BRM Engine Code use VW 505 01 oil spec. Recommended VW Golf oil, specifications, quality standards, and oil viscosity weight is specified in your owner’s manual.

What kind of oil does a 2013 VW Beetle take?

2012-2013 Beetle 2.0T models with CCTA or CBFA Engine Codes use VW 502 00 oil spec. 2013 Beetle 2.0T models with CPPA or CPLA Engine Codes use VW 502 00 oil spec. Recommended VW Passat oil, specifications, quality standards, and oil viscosity weight is specified in your owner’s manual.

What kind of oil does a VW TDI take?

505.00 oils (for rotary pump TDIS) have the widest viscosity ratings of VW oils and include 0W30 and 0W40. Although 5W40 oil is most popular in this category, many owners in cold climates like using 0W30 or 0W40 in winter.