2014 jeep grand cherokee diesel oil type

For the 2014 model year Jeep Grand Cherokee we have found 8 trims and their corresponding recommended oil type. Click on the name of the trim to open up the panel and learn more about the oil type, volume and change period.

FAQ 2014 jeep grand cherokee diesel oil type

What kind of oil does the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee take?

Jeep recommends using only engine oil licensed to the proper SAE viscosity grade of 5W-20 for the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6L and 5.7L i Engine oil capacity is 5.9 and 7.0 Quarts.

What kind of oil does a diesel Jeep have?

The diesel Jeep has a DPF! Previously the oil used was Mobil 1, a low ash DPF compatible oil. I have tried to contact FCA on two occasions regarding why they are using non-compatible oil and what harm it is doing to the DPF, without response.

What kind of oil does a 2016 Chrysler EcoDiesel take?

This kit includes an oil filter and 8 quarts of factory approved oil. ** NEW OIL REQUIREMENT – as of July 2016 Chrysler now requires oil that meets MS-10902/Cummins 20081 for the Ecodiesel. ** Read More… Recommended Add-On Items…

What kind of oil to use in my Chrysler?

The pennzoil ultra is Chrysler ms-11106 compliant so that’s what I am going off of. From the diesel supplement to the owner’s manual… “We recommend you use ACEA C3 5W-30 engine oil meeting Chrysler material standard MS-11106 or Penzoil Ultra Euro L full sythetic 5W-30 motor oil.”

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