2014 Honda Civic Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

2014 Honda Civic Oil Type: Its 2014 Honda Civic takes 3.9 quarts of synthetic oil with a brand-new oil filter. The cost for replacing the engine At A dealer is $109 but you can cut costs by doing it yourself At around $35.

Here Are the specifics for each one:

  • Type of oil: Synthetic oil is the ideal choice for the 2014 Honda Civic, offering superior protection against wear And tear compared to traditional oil.
  • Capacity of oil: The 2014 Honda Civic has An oil capacity of 3.9 quarts, determined by the engine’s fuel And oil capacity within the oil filter.
  • Filter for oil: In 2014, the Honda Civic used A spin-on filter, which is easy to change And widely used in modern cars.
  • Cost for an oil change: The average dealer cost for an oil change is $109, but you can save money by doing it yourself. DIY oil change costs will vary based on the oil type And filter prices; expect to spend approximately $33 for A self-performed oil change.

2014 honda civic oil type

2014 Honda Civic Oil Type

The oil type recommended for the Honda Civic in the 2014 Honda Civic is 5W-20. This viscosity level ensures adequate maintenance And lubrication of the engine in various operating conditions. 

It is essential to choose A premium motor oil that is in line with Honda standards for the car you drive to ensure The highest performance of your engine And extend its life. 

Regular oil replacements, which follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for intervals Are essential to keep your engine running efficiently and prevent any damage.

2014 Honda Civic Oil Capacity

The oil capacity of 2014. Honda Civic is approximately 3.9 Quarts (or 3.7 milliliters) when you perform the oil replacement. 

It is essential to refer to your owner’s manual or An authorized Honda dealership for Specific details About your Dpecific vehicle’s capacity for oil.

2014 Honda Civic Oil Capacity

2014 Honda Civic oil change interval

Based on the results of the search the recommended interval to change oil for the Honda Civic in the 2014 Honda Civic varies. The following are the results:

Honda recommends replacing filters And conventional oil in their 2013 Honda Civic every 3,000-5,000 miles.

Synthetic oils Are designed to last longer, with many rated for intervals of 7,500 to 10,000 miles. For instance, the Honda Civic requires An oil change every 7,500 miles.

Keep in mind that The frequency of oil changes depends on driving conditions, The type of oil used, And the specific Honda Civic model.

It’s advisable to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or seek advice from A qualified mechanic tailored to your driving habits And conditions.

2014 Honda Civic Oil Filter

The oil filter was in 2014. Honda Civic varies depending on the type of engine. The most popular oil filter that is used in this car is the part number of Honda/Acura 15400-PLM – A01

It is however advised to refer to either the manual of your vehicle’s owner or An authorized Honda dealership to make sure you have the correct filter installed to fit your particular model of engine. 

Regular maintenance And maintenance of your oil filter Are crucial to ensure efficient oil flow And engine performance.

2014 honda civic oil filter

2014 Honda Civic Engine Specs

In 2014, the Honda Civic offered several engine choices each with its specific set of specifications. Here’s the breakdown in table format to help you decide:

EngineDisplacement (L)Horsepower (hp) @ rpmTorque (lb-ft) @ rpmTransmissionDrivetrainFuel Economy (EPA estimated mpg city/highway/combined)
1.8L I-4 LX, EX, LX-S, EX-L1.8140 @ 6500128 @ 43005-speed autoFWD25/37/29
1.8L I-4 Si1.8190 @ 7000139 @ 43006-speed manualFWD25/31/27
1.5L I-4 Hybrid LX, EX1.5110 @ 6000127 @ 1500-3500CVTFWD44/47/45
1.8L I-4 CNG LX1.8110 @ 6500106 @ 4300CVTFWD27/38 (gasoline equivalent)

2014 Honda Civic Oil Change

Here Are the steps for changing the oil in this Honda Civic in 2014. 

  1. Parking your vehicle on An even surface.
  2. Shut off your engine, And allow it to be cool for A couple of minutes.
  3. Lift the bonnet of your vehicle.
  4. Find the drain plug for oil. It’s typically located At the lower part of the block of your engine.
  5. Install A drain pan underneath the plug to drain oil.
  6. Make use of A wrench for loosening the plug that drains the oil.
  7. Let the old oil be drained to the pan for draining.
  8. After the old oil is gone it is time to replace the drain fitting And secure it up with A wrench.
  9. Find your oil filter. It’s typically located close to the upper part of your engine.
  10. Make use of An oil filter wrench for loosening the filter on your oil tank.
  11. Let the old oil run out of the filter.
  12. Apply A thin coating of fresh oil on the seal of your oil filter that has been replaced.
  13. Install the new filter with your hands until it’s secure. Do not overtighten it.
  14. Take off the cap on the oil filler.
  15. Add new oil to your engine via the opening in the oil filler.
  16. Replace the cap on the oil filler.
  17. Get the motor started And Allow it to run for A couple of minutes.
  18. Verify the level of oil And Add oil if needed.
  19. Switch off the motor.

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Selecting the correct oil for 2014. The Honda Civic is vital for maintaining the engine’s performance, effectiveness, And long-term.

You can choose traditional oil synthetic oil or high-mileage oil, be sure you adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer And choose the right quality And API rating.

Even though Honda Genuine Oil offers optimal performance And security, aftermarket alternatives Are worth considering with caution.

Making regular oil changes using the right type of oil and following the proper procedure will keep your Honda Civic running smoothly for many years to come.

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FAQs – 2014 Honda Civic oil type

What is the oil type and capacity of the 2014 Civic?

What is the oil type and capacity of a 2014 Honda Civic? The Honda Civic’s 1.8L (109.8 ci) engine can hold 3.9 quarts of oil and the 2.4L (146 ci) engine holds 4.4 quarts of oil. The recommended oil for the Honda Civic is 5w-20 motor oil for older models while the newer model requires 0w-20 oil.

What kind of oil does a 2015 Honda Civic take?

Oil type 5W-30, 10W-40, 5W-40, 0W-30, 0W-20, 0W-40 Civic FB/FG/FK (2011-2015) Engine Civic 1.8 FB Capacity

How much oil does a 2022 Honda Civic take?

How Much Oil Does a Honda Civic Take? The 2022 2.0L K20C2 Honda Civic takes 4.4 quarts (4.2 liters) of 0W-20 oil with a filter. Oil is essential for the performance and life of your engine.

What is the oil type of the Honda Civic FD3?

Oil type Engine Civic 2.2i-DTEC Capacity 5,5-5,9 L (Service fill), 6,8 L (Dry fill) Change interval 10000 km/ 6 months Oil type Civic FD3 (2005-2021) Engine Civic Hybrid Capacity 3,2-3,6 L (Service fill), Filter capacity 0,2 L Change interval 10000 km/ 6 months Oil type 5W-30, 0W-30 Engine Civic Hybrid Capacity