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What Type Of Oil Does 2013 Honda Accord Use? Accord oil type is SAE 0W-20 for 2013. In terms of oil capacity, it is 4. For each 2 gallons, you will need 4 US quarts. Engine capacity is 4 liters and power is 4 liters. For each 3 US quarts, you will need 5. 5L V6.

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What’s the 2013 Honda Accord engine oil capacity?

The engine oil capacity for the 2013 Honda Accord 2.4L and 3.5L is 4.2L and 4.5L US quarts. The Questions and Answers on this page are the statements and opinions of their respective authors and not VehicleHistory.com. VehicleHistory.com does not research or authenticate any of the Answers provided.

What’s the 2003 to 2007 Honda Accord oil type?

The 2003 to 2007 Honda Accord oil type remained 5W-30, with Honda now also mentioning synthetic oils. The four-cylinder inline engine takes 4.4 quarts, while the V6 engine takes about 4.6 quarts.

What is the best oil for a 2011 Honda Accord?

The Mobile 1 Extended Performance Advanced Full Synthetic 5W-20 motor oil is best overall for the majority of Honda Accord models up until 2011. It’s great for both low-mileage and high-mileage cars as it’s fully synthetic. Mobil 1 is an instantly recognizable name in the US, as their oils are high-quality.

How many quarts of oil does a Honda Accord take?

The oil capacity iS4.4 US quarts for the 2.4L engine and 4.5 US quarts for the 3.5L V6. Honda recommends that You change the oil in Your car every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but some people think this is overkill. Ultimately, the choice is Yours if You want to wait longer.

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