2012 honda civic exl sedan oil type [Update 2023] ❤️

2012 honda civic exl sedan oil type: If you have 2012. Honda Civic EXL Sedan, you must be using the correct oil type for the engine.

Different types of oil aren’t identical making the mistake of using the incorrect type of oil could cause engine damage, reduced efficiency in fuel consumption, and even costly repairs.

In the following article I’ll go over everything you should be aware of about the Honda Civic EXL Sedan oil kind and the top oils, the best frequency you should change the oil, and frequently asked questions that will help you maintain your vehicle’s performance.

Best Oil Type for 2012 Honda Civic EXL Sedan

When it comes to choosing the best oil type for your 2011 Honda Civic EXL Sedan, you should take into account several elements. This includes the vehicle’s engine design, the driving conditions, as well as the climate you travel in. The following are some of the best types of oil recommended for the 2012 Honda Civic EXL Sedan:

  • Artificial Oil: In the brand-new 2012 Honda Civic EXL Sedan, synthetic oil is a fantastic option. It is a superior shield against wear and tear on the engine it also improves fuel efficiency and can perform well in extreme temperatures. Some of the top oil-based synthetics for the 2012 Honda Civic EXL Sedan include Mobil 1 Valvoline SynPower, as well as Royal Purple.
  • Conventional Oil: Conventional oils are the most common oil that the majority of cars run on. It offers decent protection against wear and tear on the engine however it isn’t able to perform well at temperatures that are extreme. Some of the top conventional oils for the 2011 Honda Civic EXL Sedan include Castrol GTX, Pennzoil, and Mobil Super.
  • High-Mileage oil: If your 2011 Honda Civic EXL Sedan has more than 75,000 miles, high-mileage oils are a good option. It has seal conditioners to stop leaks from oil, cut down on oil consumption, and give an extra level of protection against engine wear and wear. Some of the top high-mileage oil options for this year’s Honda Civic EXL Sedan include Valvoline MaxLife, Pennzoil High Mileage as well as Mobil 1 High Mileage.
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How Often to Change the Oil in a 2012 Honda Civic EXL Sedan

It is important to change your car’s oil frequently. is crucial for keeping your engine running smoothly. 

In the case of the 2011 Honda Civic EXL Sedan, Honda suggests changing the oil every 7,500 miles or once every six months, depending on what comes first. 

If you are driving in extreme conditions, like dusty or extreme temperatures it is recommended to replace the oil more frequently. Here are a few indicators that you should replace the oil on your Honda Civic EXL Sedan

  • The oil appears dirty and dark on the dipstick
  • The engine is louder than normal.
  • A warning lamp for oil turns on
  • The car is running low on oil pressure.
  • The engine has a rough idle or stops

FAQ 2012 honda civic exl sedan oil type

How many quarts of oil does a 2012 Honda Civic take?

The 2012 Honda Civic features a total oil capacity of 3.9 quarts. The recommended engine oil for the 2012 Honda Civic is a high mileage 0W-20 viscosity oil. 

What kind of oil does a Honda Civic LX take?

The more expensive models, like the Civic LX Sedan, are available with a manual or continuously variable transmission. The oil capacity for this particular model comes in at 3.9 quarts. Honda recommends that fully synthetic 0W-20 motor oil be used, although 5W-20 motor oil can be used if needed.

How much does it cost to oil a Honda Civic?

You can expect to spend between $30 and $100 for Honda Civic oil. These products are the cheapest. How Much Oil Does a Honda Civic Take?  

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Does the 2020 Honda Civic coupe have an oil capacity?

Yes, the 20202 Honda Civic Coupe and a couple of other specialized versions are on the market already, but not the basic Civic, so we stuck with the 2019 model. Let’s remember that the 2019 Honda Civic has a total oil capacity of 3.4 quarts.

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using the right oil type for your 2012 Honda Civic EXL Sedan is crucial to keep your car’s engine running smoothly. 

Synthetic oil, conventional oil, and high-mileage oil are excellent choices, depending on your driving conditions and the climate you drive in. 

It’s also essential to change the oil regularly, following the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. By doing so, you can avoid engine damage, decrease fuel efficiency, and costly repairs. 

Remember to check the oil level regularly and always use the right oil type for your 2012 Honda Civic EXL Sedan.

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