2011 Lincoln Navigator Oil Type [Update 2022] ❤️

What Kind Of Oil Does A 2011 Lincoln Navigator Take? Synthetic motor oil for 5W-20 gallons from Mobil 1 Extended Performance.


Need advice on oil changes on your new 2011 Lincoln Navigator? Turn to Firestone Complete Auto Care! We’re experts in auto care, not only tires. We’re familiar with the ins and outs of motor oil as well. 

It’s easier than our technician Brianna. She is known for explaining to customers that “Oil is the lifeblood for the engine. It’s the best option you have for your vehicle.”

The oil in your Navigator’s 2011 model must be changed according to Lincoln’s recommended intervals for oil changes. You can check the intervals for your mileage on the above table. 

Outside of Lincoln’s recommended oil change intervals, your Navigator might require an oil change when the check engine light is present, and you hear a series of noises of knocking coming through the engine.

You may also smell oil inside the vehicle or see excessive vehicle exhaust. It could be necessary to change sooner than that suggested by Lincoln If you frequently transport heavy loads, travel on dirt roads, or go off-road or at a low speed to travel long distances. Regular oil changes typically won’t hurt the condition of your Lincoln Navigator. 

Every oil change is another opportunity to examine and fix other issues with your cars like damaged brake pads, or treads on tires.


What motor oils are sold in Firestone Complete Auto Care? Your Navigator engine deserves top quality, and that’s why we stock only the top quality! Go through your owner’s manual and speak with an expert to choose the best Lincoln Navigator oil, whether it’s Quaker State(r) Advanced Durability(TM) conventional oil, Pennzoil(r) High Mileage Vehicle(r) motor oil, and Pennzoil Platinum(r) Full Synthetic motor oil that incorporates PurePlus(TM) Technology and Shell Rotella(r) high-performance engine oils. There’s a reason why we stock these brands of motor oil. 

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They’ve proven to be successful. For example, Quaker State was shown to offer 2x more security over the standard industry in taxis in the United States. 

[1] And Pennzoil? Contrary to conventional synthetic motor oils which are formulated with synthetics, this Pennzoil Platinum(r) Full Synthetic line of motor oils that incorporate PurePlus(r) technology is created with natural gas that is pure, which results in better performance. Also, there’s Shell Rotella heavy-duty engine oil. 

It’s specially designed for gasoline and diesel engines that have to endure extreme conditions. It’s strengthened to offer more wear protection, improved performance at extreme temperatures, as well as improved resistance to oxidation. 

To help you choose the correct engine oil that will fit in your Lincoln Navigator look up Lincoln’s suggestions.

2011 Lincoln Navigator Oil Type

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