2009 lexus rx 350 engine oil type

The 2009 Lexus RX350 with the 3.5L 6 cylinder engine is going to take A5W-30 synthetic oil at all temperatures. It’s going to need to be filled with 6.4 quarts of this, after You’ve changed out the oil filter. It’s recommended that You use a synthetic oil in this vehicle for its engine performance characteristics and longevity.

FAQ 2009 lexus rx 350 engine oil type

How much oil does a Lexus RX take?

How Much Oil Does a Lexus RX Take? 2022 3.5L 2GR-FXS Lexus RX450 takes 5.8 quarts (5.5 liters) of 0W-20 oil with filter. The engine oil capacity is a suggested amount that should be used when changing the engine oil.

What is the capacity of RX 300 engine oil?

Oil capacity (with filter) Oil viscosity (grade) 1MZ-FE RX 300: 4.7 L (5.0 qt., 4.1 lmp.qt.) 5W-30. 10W-30

What kind of engine oil should I use in my car?

Be sure the engine oil filler cap is properly tightened. SAE 5W–30 is the best choice for your vehicle, for good fuel economy, and good starting in cold weather. If you use SAE 10W–30 engine oil in extremely low temperatures, the engine may become difficult to start, so SAE 5W–30 engine oil is recommended.

2009 Lexus RX 350 motor oil change and engine flush with Amsoil

Lexus RX 350 (3.5L V-6) Oil Change Procedure and Oil Reset

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