2006 bmw 330i oil type [Update 2023]


2006 bmw 330i oil type: The 2006 BMW 330i uses SAE 5W-30 motor oil and it will take 5 quarts to completely fill. BMW recommends using full synthetic oil when You need to change it. Oil comes in two major varieties, synthetic and conventional. Synthetic is engineered in a lab to give You better protection for the moving components in Your engine compared to the petroleum based …

2006 BMW 330i Engine Oil

The BMW 330i you owned in 2006 could be the most impressive car your family has ever had. You may be trying to maintain it as road-approved. Whatever the reason, Advance Auto Parts has the Engine Oil product you desperately require.


We currently have seven Engine Oil products for your BMW 330i. And our price ranges from $11.49 to $79.99.

In addition to the low cost, Advance Auto Parts offers four trusted brand names that provide Engine Oil products for the BMW 330i in 2006. We only offer parts from trusted brands such as Liqui Moly so that you will get quality parts that you can trust.


Don’t believe us when we say it – read our reviews and ratings from our customers for reassurance when buying. We have 1,034 reviews of the Engine Oil products for the BMW 330i in 2006 from past customers.

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FAQ 2006 bmw 330i oil type

Q.1 What type of oil do I need for a 2001 330 Ci?

ANS. im getting my brother to change the oil in my 330 ci 2001 reg, cant find the info in the owners manual so wanted to know how many litres of oil i need and what type – have heard 5w40 is recomended??? Yes, 5w40 or 5w30 is recommended by BMW for your year car. However, 5w40 favors warmer temperatures.

Q.2 What kind of engine does the BMW 330i have?

ANS. In place of the former engine, the 330i employs the new B46 powerplant, which first appeared last year in the X1 and then rolled into the 2-series and even the Mini Cooper S. It’s part of the lightweight, low-friction modular engine family that also spawned the turbocharged inline-six in the new 340i.


Q.3 How much does a BMW 330i cost?

ANS. At a $47,645 as-tested price and displaying remarkable restraint in the options department, this 330i is the kind of sports sedan you might spec out yourself or recommend to a friend.

Q.4 How fuel-efficient is the new 330i?

ANS. At an EPA-estimated 23 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway, the new 330i automatic comes in a bit short of last year’s 328i, rated at 23/35. But our 25-mpg observed fuel economy for the 330i over two weeks of hammering it hard over our favorite test roads may be more revealing; the last 328i we tested returned just 21 mpg.

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