2005 subaru legacy gt oil type

The 2005 Subaru Legacy GT came factory standard with a 2.5 L 4Cylinder engine under the hood and this was the same engine that was used in both the sedan and wagon body styles. This engine is going to need to run on synthetic 5W-30 motor oil. The capacity will be 4.4 US quarts which is a bit over one gallon so You should purchase a one gallon jug …

FAQ 2005 subaru legacy gt oil type

How many quarts of oil does a Subaru Legacy take?

Subaru Legacy Turbo 2011 – 2012 5W-30 Synthetic Oil 4.5 Quarts Subaru Legacy & Outback 6 Cyl. 2002 – 2019 5W-30 Conventional Oil 6 – 6.9 Quarts Subaru Legacy & Outback XT (Turbo) 2020 – 2021 0W-20 Synthetic Oil 4.8 Quarts Subaru WRX 2002 – 2010 5W-30 Conventional Oil 4.4 – 5 Quarts Subaru WRX 2011 – 2020 5W-30 Synthetic Oil 4.4 – 5.4 Quarts

Is synthetic oil right for my Subaru?

Why Subaru Synthetic Oil is right for your car: Synthetic oil, which consists of 80 percent synthetic base oil and 20 percent additives, is better formulated for low-friction, high-technology engine designs and for engines that face harsh driver demands. Naturally aspirated engines in the newest Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback,…

When did the Subaru Legacy GT come out in the US?

For 2005, Subaru introduced to the U.S. a much-better-looking and, in 2.5GT trim, vastly more powerful Legacy. So we ordered up this 250-hp, 2.5-liter turbo GT version with a five-speed manual and in loaded Limited trim (for 2006 and beyond, however, all GTs are Limiteds) for an extended taste of this sleeper sedan.

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What kind of oil does a Subaru Impreza take?

Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil – Facts and Figures. Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil. If your Subaru is a 2011 or newer Forester, a 2012 or newer Impreza, or a 2013 or newer Outback, Legacy, Crosstrek, or BRZ, or Ascent – it is REQUIRED to use synthetic oil.

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