2003 honda vtx 1300 oil type [Update 2023]

2003 honda vtx 1300 oil type: Honda VTX1300S 2003-2007 (Europe, North America, Australia) Honda VTX1300C 2004-2009 (Europe, North America, Australia) Honda VTX1300R 2005-2009 (Europe, North America, Australia) Honda VTX1300T 2008-2009 (USA) Honda VTX1300S. Honda VTX1300C. Honda VTX1300R. Honda VTX1300T. Contents. 1 History; 2 Specifications; 3 Images; 4 Videos; 5 …

Honda VTX1300C Replacement Oil Filters

Any oil filter you purchase from K&N’s Online Store comes with a 100% money-back guarantee! Honda VTX1300C Models Have Excellent Oil Filtration.

Construction with a Heavy Oil Flow Rate
Excellent with conventional or synthetic oil
For the Honda VTX1300C, K&N automotive oil filters offer excellent filtration and high oil flow rates.

Motor oils of all grades, including synthetic, conventional, and blended, can be used with K&N automobile oil filters.

FAQ 2003 honda vtx 1300 oil type

Q.1 What is the engine size of a 2003 Honda VTX 1300c?

ANS. Make Model Honda VTX 1300C Year 2003-05 Engine Four stroke, 52°V-twin, SOHC, Capacity 1312 cc / 80 cu-in Bore x Stroke 89.5 x 104.3 mm 26 more rows …

Q.2 Is the VTX 1300 a good bike?

ANS. Because of the low profile of the bike and relatively unencumbered front end, the bike causes little buffeting around the helmet which translates into a quiet ride, both noise and head position. Highway 1 from Lutsen to Ely was my proving grounds this month and the VTX 1300 was magnificent.

Q.3 What kind of engine does a 1300 Honda cruiser have?

ANS. Engine / Drivetrain 1312cc liquid-cooled 52-degree V-twin delivers strong low-end and mid-range torque, with ample power for passing and relaxed cru… Nice vtx 1300 Honda cruiser with heel toe shifter new front and rear tires and brakes carburetor cleaned new tuneup and ready for the road…

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Q.4 Is the Honda VTX a good cruising bike?

ANS. I have owned dual sports, standards and scooters, but not cruisers. Functionally, the VTX is a wonderful machine. The 1312cc, 52 degree V-twin has plenty of torque for smooth acceleration up to good power distribution and cruising stability.

How To: Honda VTX 1300 Motorcycle Oil And Filter Change

2006 Honda VTX 1300 | Oil Change | BTV #02

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