2001 polaris trailblazer 250 transmission oil type

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FAQ 2001 polaris trailblazer 250 transmission oil type

What kind of transmission does a Polaris Trailblazer 250 have?

Drivetrain – A Polaris Variable Transmission with E-Z Shift for forward, reverse, and neutral controls the Polaris Trailblazer 250. A rear two-wheel concentric drive system handled by a 520 O-ring chain transfers power from the engine to the wheels. The gearshift is left-foot-operated.

How much is a 2001 Polaris Trailblazer 250 worth?

The list price of a 2001 Polaris Trailblazer 250 base model was $3,199. Now, this model resells for an average of $980 (per Nada Guides data). Its last production year model cost $3,599 and currently has an average retail value of $1,295.

What parts need to be replaced on a Polaris Trailblazer 250?

If you have a Polaris Trailblazer 250, parts that you need to watch out for or inspect for potential repair or replacement are rear carrier bearings, front master cylinder, fuel lines, hubs, and battery. The turn-key ignition, engine, and pistons are also vital to check, as these components had caused many headaches for owners when they acted up.

What is the difference between a Polaris Trailblazer 250 and cyclone?

These Cyclones spewed 30 HP – a much greater output than the Polaris Trailblazer 250 maximum power output of 22 HP at 5,250 RPM. Perhaps, among the more evident differences between the older and more recent versions of the Trailblazer is that it changed from an air to a liquid cooling system.

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