1997 bmw 540i oil type

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FAQ 1997 bmw 540i oil type

Which engine oil for MY BMW ll-04?

Diesel oil has long been valued by engine builders and tuners because of its higher levels of ZDDP content. LL-04 also has a lower SAPS value which is good news for direct-injection engines (all BMW turbo engines since 2007). You won’t find Genuine BMW LL-04 sold here but Red Line Euro-Series oil and Pentosin SP III are produced around this spec.

What kind of oil does a BMW use?

SAE 5W30, 5W40. The LL-04 oils have been greatly misunderstood in the past but this is now in greater demand. Most LL-04 oils are intended for Diesels, although it was also approved for gas engines in Europe and other world markets. BMW never certified LL-04 for the US (see next paragraph).

What kind of oil does a 2013 BMW 328i take?

If you referred to your owner’s manual, you would find that for the 2013 328i, you can service your vehicle with any brand engine oil that meets the following specifications: BMW Longlife-01 or BMW Longlife-01 FE. Any brand of engine oil that has one of these certifications printed on its container is approved for use in your BMW.

Where can I find the oil specifications for MY BMW?

If you do not have the owner’s manual for your vehicle, you can download it at the BMW USA owners manual download site (the oil specifications are always listed under the “FAQ” tab). We also strongly suggest you visit BMW USA and download a copy of the Service and Warranty Information Book for your model vehicle.

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