13 HP Honda Engine Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


13 HP Honda Engine Oil Type: The kind of oil that is suggested for a 13-horsepower Honda engine depends on the engine’s particular model and the usage circumstances.

Honda generally advises using a 4-cycle SAE 10W-30 engine oil that satisfies the API service classification of SF, SG, SH, SJ, SL, or SM. These designations show that the oil satisfies certain API performance requirements.


You should refer to your engine’s owner’s handbook or get in touch with a Honda dealer or authorized service facility for more details on the recommended oil type for your 13-horsepower Honda engine.

Use the oil type that is advised for your engine because it is made to offer the right lubrication, corrosion protection, and other advantages for your particular engine. The improper oil can harm your engine, diminish its performance, and reduce its lifespan.


13 hp honda engine oil type

The best oil to use with the Honda GX390

According to the results of the search, The best oil to use for an engine of the Honda GX390 can be found in SAE 10W-30 Motor oil. 

This oil type provides maximum protection for the engine when operating in harsh conditions and complies with Honda specifications to ensure maximum engine performance and durability. 

It is crucial to select an oil of high quality that is in line with the specifications of the manufacturer for the type and quantity that engine oils are used and the interval between oil changes. 

Some Honda GX390 oil-change kits could include suggested oil as well as the filter however it’s essential to confirm whether the specs and compatible prior to buying.

Capacity for Oil of the Honda GX390:

Without filtration, the oil contained in the Honda GX390 can hold up to 1.16 US quarts (1.1 liters) when filtered. However, with filtration, it could be able to hold 1.28 US quarts (1.2 liters).

It’s crucial to check the engine’s fuel, oil, and condition to ensure it runs smoothly. Foaming happens in the event that an engine has been filled with oil. This reduces the oil’s protection properties and could result in engine failure.

The engine might be damaged if not properly filled, because this could increase the rate of wear and wear on the engine’s components.

13 hp honda engine oil Capacity

Honda Gx390 oil change interval

The recommended interval for oil changes for a Honda GX390 engine should be every 100 hours or every six months for conventional oils, according to Honda’s official guidelines. 
But, this may be difficult to determine therefore an alternative suggestion would be to replace the oil every 50 hours or every year, whichever is first. 
It is important to remember that the interval for changing oil may vary depending on operating conditions, like frequent stops and go traffic as well as extreme temperatures. 
It’s recommended to check the manual of the owner or a Honda dealer in order to find out the suggested interval for oil changes for your particular Honda GX390 motor and your driving habits. 
It is essential to change your oil regularly. crucial for maintaining optimal engine performance and durability.

13 HP Honda Engine Oil Filter

The recommended oil filter to use for the 13HP Honda engine would be one of Honda’s OEM oil filters.

It’s essential to select an oil filter of high quality that exceeds or meets Honda’s specifications to ensure the proper filtering and protection for your engine.

It is recommended to change the filter on your oil at every oil change to ensure the best performance and longevity of the engine.

13 HP Honda Engine Specifications

Type4-stroke, OHV, single-cylinder, inclined by 25°
Displacement389 cm 3 (23.7 cu·in)
Max. horsepower13.0 HP (10.0 kW) at 3,600 rpm
Max. torque (crank PTO)27 Nm (2.7 kg·m, 20.0 ft·lb) at 2,500 rpm
CarburetorHorizontal type, butterfly valve
Cooling systemForced-air
Ignition systemTransistorized magneto ignition
Lubricating systemForced splash
Starting systemRecoil and Starter motor
Stopping systemIgnition primary circuit ground
Fuel usedUnleaded gasoline (octane number 86 or higher)
Fuel consumption6.5 Liters (1.72 US gal, 1.43 Imp gal) / h
PTO shaft rotationCounterclockwise (from the PTO shaft side)

How to Determine the Oil Level:

Examining the level of oil in the Honda GX390 engine is an easy process. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Find the cap that fills the oil in the front of your engine. It’s usually either yellow or black and has an oil-can symbol.
  • Take off the cap on the oil filler and clean the dipstick with a paper towel.
  • Place the dipstick back in the hole for filling up with oil Make sure that it’s properly set.
  • Take it off and examine the level of the oil. The oil should fall between the lower and upper markings in the dipstick. If the level of oil is lower than at the lower point, then add oil until it reaches the upper mark.

Honda GX390 Oil Change Kit

honda gx390 oil change kit

You’re probably looking for more information on kits for changing oil that is suitable for the Honda GX390 engine. 

A kit for oil changes typically contains the essential items needed for performing changing the oil on your vehicle. Here’s what you could get in a Honda kit for oil changes:

  1. Engine oil: The kit includes the correct quantity and type of engine oil for the Honda GX390 engine. The engine could require a certain quality and viscosity to ensure the best performance.

  2. Oil filter: An updated oil filter is often found in the kits. The filter works to remove dirt from oil, making sure that the engine runs smoothly and remains free of dirt.

  3. Drain Plug Gasket or Washer: The kits could include a brand-new drain gasket or washer for the plug. This will ensure a good seal when you attach the drain plug following taking out your old oil.

  4. Disposable gloves: are usually used to ensure that your hands are dry and safe while doing changing the oil.

  5. Instructions: The kit could include instructions on how you can perform changes to the engine’s oil on the Honda GX390. These instructions will walk you through the steps needed to perform the oil change in the correct manner.

When you use the oil-change kit it is essential to follow the directions provided and make use of an oil that is recommended and a filter to ensure the engine’s efficiency and longevity. 

13 hp honda engine oil

How to change the oil:

The steps: Run the engine for several minutes to start it.

  • Start the engine. Better oil flow.
  • Start the engine.
  • Find the drain plug for oil in the lower part of your engine. It’s usually a bolt or the hex bolt.
  • Install the pan for draining oil underneath the engine in order to capture the oil.
  • Pull the oil drain plug and empty the oil from the pan.
    After the oil has been drained completely, you can replace the drain plug for oil.
  • The cap for the oil filler must be removed and then the appropriate quantity of engine oil must make use of a funnel, if needed.
  • Replace the cap on the oil filler and then start the engine.
  • The engine should be running for a couple of minutes before turning it off and verify the level of the oil by using the dipstick.
  • In case of need, add more oil after which you can change the dipstick as well as the oil cap on the filler.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article on the types of oil used in the 13HP Honda engine. I hope that you found it interesting. If you have other concerns about your engine don’t hesitate to ask.

Be aware that changing your oil frequently is among the most crucial actions you can take to ensure your engine runs efficiently and prolongs its life. 

Make sure you apply the correct kind and quantity to your engine. Also, don’t forget to replace your oil filter as well when you change your oil.

I wish you an amazing day!

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FAQs 13 hp Honda engine oil type

How much oil does a 13-hp Honda engine hold?

In light of this, how much oil does an engine with 13 horsepower from Honda hold? The capacity of oil: 1.16 quarts (US) (1.1 L) Fuel tank capacity: 6.4 U.S. qts (6.1 liters) Fuel must be unleaded and at least 86 octanes. Weight without moisture: 69 lb (31.5 kg) How does Honda Oil Alert work?

What is the Honda engine oil application guide?

In developing this series of groundbreaking engines, Honda has engineered a range of oils to match precisely the requirements of the engines. The Genuine Oil Application Guide enables the dealership network as well as the customers, to choose the right engine oil for your Honda ensuring efficiency and the best performance.

What type of oil goes in a Honda GX390?

What type of oil goes in a Honda gx390? To be specific about Honda’s GX390 oil recommendations, they claim 10W-30 for general use. Straight 30 for temps over 10C (50f) And for LPG GX390 they specifically prohibit multi-grade oils and simply require straight 30. Also know, how much oil goes in a Honda gx390?