Yamaha grizzly 660 oil type

Which oil is best for your Yamaha YFM Grizzly YFM Grizzly 660 FP (2002-2005)? Complete professional advice, including motor oil, transmission oil and lubricants for the brake system and cooling system.

FAQ yamaha grizzly 660 oil type

How much oil does a Yamaha Grizzly 660 take?

Lubrication: Yamaha Grizzly 660’s oil capacity differs with and without an oil filter change. At draining, it is 2 US quarts/1.9 liters. At disassembly, it is 2.2 US quarts/2.3 liters, and the oil filter change capacity is 2.1 US quarts/2 liters.

What kind of ECU does a Yamaha Grizzly have?

It was not until the advancing tide of technology in 2007 that Yamaha had to update the Grizzly to include a 32-bit ECU for power steering, a 44-mm throttle body for fuel injection, and a larger displacement of 700 cm3.

How to choose the right engine oil for your motorcycle?

JASO MA = Oil for motorcycles with wet clutches. SG = An oil rating. Choose an oil that is SG or higher, ie SH, SM etc, but not SD for example. Ext Tank = Eternal Oil Tank, not Premix.

What kind of engine oil does a Harley Davidson use?

Engineered for 2 cylinder engines and meets Harley Davidson spec. Meets JASO MA2 specifications for optimal wet clutch performance and suitable for catalytic converters. Mineral based. Mineral oil based 4-stroke engine oil for all Harley Davidson & Metric V-Twin Cruisers.

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