What type oil for a 1950 ford flathead v8

This holds true for any engine that doesn’t have roller rockers/ cam followers. Rotella is a damn good oil and if it will stand up to a diesel it’ll stand up to what our flatheads can dish out. We run Rotella in my daughters SBC drag car also. Good luck. Last edited: Nov 22, 2008. flathead dools, Nov 22, 2008. SHARE POST #7.

FAQ what type oil for a 1950 ford flathead v8

Can I use 20w50 oil in a flathead?

I used 20w50 for many summers with no problems and good oil pressure in heat. Considering that the oil companys no longer put the same additives in their oil that the flatheads need you should maybe use something like Rotella in your engine.

How many QTS of oil in a flathead Pan?

Now, keep in mind that there is oil that is needed in the oil passages, crank, and that a flathead holds some oil in the valve chamber. My best guess is that 5 qts are correct with a stock pan.

Do Flathead trucks have oil pressure?

Back in the day, a flathead truck that had any pressure at all was an oddity. They don’t seem to need much! from California, somewhere just below Fresno. Doesn’t have any significant oil pressure or an oil pump. . Click to expand… I wouldn’t say a Model A is 1/2 a Flathead V8, not even close. A 9-N/8-N is more 1/2 a Flathead V8.

What is the best engine oil for a flat tappet engine?

As for oil, some like straight 30 weight and others prefer multi-weights like 10w30 or 20w50. Another hot oil topic of late has been zinc (or the lack of) in modern oils and its possible effect on flat tappet engines. Personally, I’ve been using 15w40 diesel engine oil for the past few years because of its zinc content, and so far so good.

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