What type of washer to use on my chevy oil drain plug

Nylon, brass with rubber, aluminum, copper or fiber for a crush washer

FAQ what type of washer to use on my chevy oil drain plug

What materials can be used to replace the oil drain plug gasket?

My question arises because in doing internet research before the job, I found that it’s often recommended to change the oil drain plug gasket. So far so good. But the options stump me. So far I’ve heard fiber, nylon, rubber, copper, aluminum, and steel referenced. There are "crush washers".

What is the purpose of a crush washer on a drain plug?

My understanding of the crush washer on your drain plug is that it’s not a gasket — i.e., not to keep fluid from leaking out — but serves as a lock for the plug, and also as a mating surface between the steel of the pan and the steel of the plug, so that neither damages the other.

How often do you change the oil in your washer?

They recommend replacing it at every oil change. Somehow that saves or earns them a little money, as compared to the nylon washer (if any washer at all) that everyone else uses. If it were mine…

Why does this car have a crush washer on the Pan?

That helps prevent dirt from getting in there & preventing a good seal. EDIT: Oh, Crap. Subaru engineers in their infinite "wisdom" elected to equip that car with a real live crush washer, original is copper, domed side to the pan flat side to the plug head.

The best oil drain plug washer

Why is it recommended to use new oil drain plug washer

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