What type of transmission oil at walmart goes into a 2000 s430 benz car

Light bulb replacement guide for Mercedes-Benz cars. Look up your Model on the first column then move over to the right and click on the year or chassis type. … 2000-2011: 2012-Present: Low beam headlamp: H7-55W: H7-55W: High beam headlamp: H7-55W: H7-55W: Parking light: 194 or 168 or 12961: 194 or 168 or 12961: Front turn signal: 7507 Amber or PY21W: 7507 …

FAQ what type of transmission oil at walmart goes into a 2000 s430 benz car

What kind of oil does a Mercedes Benz use?

The Quality of the Oil All the vehicles manufactured in Germany use fuels that meet European (ACEA) specifications with the ratings of A3/B3 or A3/B4. These are synthetic-grade oils that cost more than the traditional motor oils. Mercedes vehicles go even one step further, requiring fuel that meets Mercedes 229.5 specifications.

How to change oil in a Mercedes-Benz?

Different Oil Changing Method You need to drain the oil out of the pan at the time of changing the oil in your car. But, a Mercedes car requires emptying the oil out of the engine. This technique demands expertise and expensive vacuum equipment, adding more to the total expenses. Mercedes-Benz Facts that will Amaze You! 4. Extra Services

How much does an oil change cost for a car?

One single oil changing takes something between $200 and $300 while you can get that service for some other luxurious brands like Lexus at a fraction of the cost. You can cut the expense by a great margin by doing the oil-changing in your garage. But, that is another story.

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What does an oil change consist of?

An oil changing does not mean that it’s just an oil change. The mechanic will check several car parts including fuel filter, oil filter, and cupe filter and change them if needed. These filters need to be checked and replaced at least once a year. Besides, you have to add the costs of wiper blade replacement, tire rotation, car wash, and labor.

How To Change The Transmission Fluid On Your Mercedes Benz S500 722.6 Transmission

Mercedes W163..ML320.350.430.500..722 6 .also Chrysler ,transmission fluid replacement

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