What type of oil to preserve driftwood

woodworkers. to finish driftwood since it’s so easy to work into nooks and crannies. The right kind of oil also protects and enhances the wood without giving it an unnatural, sealed-in-plastic look that you might get from varnish. For outdoor use, I recommend an exterior finishing oil. I’ve used Minwax Teak Oil. personally and it works very well. Apply it with a brush, …

FAQ what type of oil to preserve driftwood

How do you preserve driftwood?

Preserving driftwood isn’t particularly difficult, but it does take some time and patience. You can either clean and bleach it to preserve it in its natural state, or go the extra step to seal it in oil, resin, or varnish to preserve it in a protective coating.

How do you make driftwood smooth?

The harder you press the sandpaper into the wood, the smoother the finish will be. Some people prefer the look of rougher driftwood, though. Don’t forget the other side of the wood. If you’re sanding one side of the wood, you should sand the other side as well to make it consistent.

How do you use epoxy resin on driftwood?

Tilt your bowl or cup over any end of the driftwood to pour out a thin bead of the epoxy. Move the bowl or cup toward the other end of the wood to spread a thick bead over the surface. Either spread the epoxy out by hand or use a brush to move it over the wood until you’ve applied a thin layer of resin.

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Can You stain over driftwood?

Driftwood is extremely porous—even more so than other varieties of wood. It may take multiple layers of a thinner varnish or stain to actually see the layer on the surface of the wood. Using a varnish or stain will protect the driftwood from surface scratches and minor wear and tear.


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