What type of oil is bmw twinpower turbo

Genuine BMW 10W60 M “TwinPower Turbo” synthetic engine oil is formulated exclusively for BMW M engines from 2001-2013 (including 3/2000+ M5). This is the newest BMW 10W60 oil, now produced by Shell, and replaces the previous Castrol TWS and Edge 10W60 engine oil.

FAQ what type of oil is bmw twinpower turbo

What kind of oil does a BMW twin power turbo take?

The engine oil BMW M Twin Power Turbo Longlife-01 SAE 0W-40 is specially designed for the new generation of BMW M engines. By using innovative technology, the GTL base oil protects the engine at a level that exceeds the industry standard.

What is BMW TwinPower Turbo technology?

The BMW TwinPower Turbo technology is based on the twin-scroll principle and has been actively installed in BMW petrol and diesel engines since 2011. The technology at a glance

What kind of oil does a diesel BMW 1 series take?

While the diesel version is equipped with a 2.0-litre 184-hp engine, the oil burner is fitted with a 2.0-litre twin turbocharged 245-hp turbo engine. The recommended engine oil for the petrol version is 5W30 synthetic and 5W40 synthetic for the diesel model. Which oil should be used for the BMW 1 Series?

Is there a 5W30 engine oil for BMWs?

The 5W30 will remain for sale until stock runs out. For non-turbo BMWs driven on the street looking for an alternative to the Genuine BMW 5W30 synthetic, BimmerWorld recommends changing to the Red Line 5W30 Synthetic or Pentosin HP 5W30. BMW 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil is exclusively formulated for BMW engines from the mid-90s forward.

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BMW TwinPower Turbo LongLife-04 5W30 Jak skutecznie olej chroni silnik?

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