What type of oil does walmart use

Walmart private label oil is cheap because Walmart is notorious for beating up their suppliers for price. They get the biggest of brands to lower their costs to Walmart. Walmart’s synthetic oil is very good stuff, Even with it being so inexpensive.

FAQ what type of oil does walmart use

What kind of oil does Walmart use?

Walmart uses Quaker State Oil, part of the SOPUS Shell Lubricants based out of Texas. SOPUS is subsequently owned by SHELL Products, a US Subsidiary of Royal Dutch Oil. Walmart will use either Fram, Supertech (Walmart brand) or a Delco oil filter depending on the year/make/model of your vehicle.

What is included in a Walmart oil change?

Walmart oil change always includes up 5 quarts of quality motor oil and new oil filter. Sometimes with the Walmart coupon, you can get a free multi-point inspection, new wiper blades, brake inspection, car battery check or tire rotation.

Is Walmart’s oil good or bad?

Some people were worried that Walmart’s oil is not good because they water it down. However, this is not true as oil can not be watered down, and if the oil has any water, you will see the oil floating on the top of the water. The other thing, several people mentioned that Walmart’s SuperTech house is connected with Shell, which is pretty good oil.

How much is the cheapest oil change at Walmart?

Walmart provides the cheapest oil change in the market, and the lowest price that you can get is about $19.88 if you would like to go with the conventional oil. However, if you decided to upgrade and use the synthetic oil, then the cheapest oil change at Walmart would be about $40.

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