What type of motor oil for my car

There are four major categories of motor oil–conventional, full synthetic, synthetic blend, and high mileage. All vary in the chemical components and viscosity. Viscosity is a measure of how easily oil pours at room temperature.

FAQ what type of motor oil for my car

How to find the right type of oil for your car?

Car oil recommendation | Mobil™ Motor Oils Find the right kind of oil and oil filter for your vehicle with our product selector tool. Just select your vehicle’s year, make, model and engine.

What type of oil should I use in my old car?

Old motor oil needs to be changed periodically to keep your engine running smoothly. Choose an oil with the vehicle manufacture’s recommended viscosity rating (check your owner’s manual). Viscosity is an oil’s ability to flow at different temperatures. The two most common viscosities (a.k.a. weights) are SAE 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30.

What are the different types of engine oil?

This is after all the deciding factor that ensures that the engine runs smooth, slick and efficient. In general, there are three types of engine oil: Mineral, Semi-Synthetic and Synthetic Engine Oils.

What is oil for car website?

What Is This? Oil For Car.com is a free online engine oil finder tool. If you ever hesitated what kind of oil required for your car, we made this tool for you. Or if you are a car mechanics and need short check, we are here for you. All results are immediately shown and it is ridiculously easy to use and of course, the service is completely free.

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Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil – Which Type For Your Car Engine

Choosing the correct engine oil is critical to engine life with Pat Goss from Goss Garage

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