What type of hydraulic oil bobcat 610

Types of Bobcat Hydraulic Oil. In general, what’s known as hydraulic oil is specific noncompressible oil that is widely used in various kinds …

FAQ what type of hydraulic oil bobcat 610

What is the best Bobcat hydraulic oil?

Also known as one of the best Bobcat hydraulic oil, the Bobcat synthetic hydraulic oil has its own character and basic substances. It is not an old product, but a recent breakthrough that is considered a very find product.

What is Bobcat synthetic hydraulic/hydrostatic fluid?

Bobcat Synthetic Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Fluid is a breakthrough in liquid technology that improves the performance of your Bobcat hydraulic system and increases productivity.

What is the horsepower of a bobcat 610?

Bobcat 610 Specs The Bobcat 610 was made over a period spanning eleven years, 1992 to 1982. It had an engine rated at 30 horsepower, or hp. Given that 1 hp = 746 watts (W), this equivalent to 22,380 W or 22.4 kW.

What kind of oil does a bobcat 753 use?

At the time these machines were new Bobcat recommended Delo 15/40 motor oil for the hydraulic system. 33 gal each. shop foreman for 4 years. The service manual for the 753 says 10/30 oil.

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