What type of coconut oil do you put on skin

The best type of coconut oil for skin skin is organic, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil, as it’s the least processed of the bunch so it retains the most nutrients. When using coconut oil for your face, avoid buying the more processed varieties produced primarily for food purposes.

FAQ what type of coconut oil do you put on skin

How to use coconut oil for skin?

There are several ways to use coconut oil for skin, like using it as a natural face wash, massage oil, teeth whitener, wound healer and bug repellant. Virgin coconut oil is a beauty and body powerhouse, so start experimenting with it today.

What are the different types of coconut oil?

There are two broad categories of coconut oils: those that are mass produced at an industrial level and need to be refined, and those that start with fresh coconut and have much less refining. Yes, you read that correctly, less refining. Coconut oil by nature is a refined product, because oil does not grow on a tree. Coconuts do.

How do I choose a virgin coconut oil?

The first thing to investigate when choosing a virgin coconut oil, is whether or not it is actually a copra-based coconut oil or not. If it does use copra as its starting point, it really is not a true virgin coconut oil, but an industry standard RBD refined coconut oil with a clever label.

How to choose the best coconut oil for hair?

Choosing The Best Coconut Oil For Hair 1 Unrefined coconut oil comes from the first pressing of fresh raw coconuts. 2 No chemicals are added to unrefined oil, also called virgin or extra virgin oil. 3 Unrefined coconut oil has a distinct aroma of coconut.

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