Washman Car Wash Prices 2022 ❤️

Washman Car Wash | Convention Center is an automotive company. There’s a car wash in this location. 

Does your car seem dirty? Perhaps it’s time to visit this place. Cleanliness isn’t only a requirement but it is also what people love about their cars. 

The spraying and soap tools could remove dirt leaving your vehicle clean. You can enjoy a tiny meal at your car’s wash!

217 customers gave Washman Car Wash | Convention Center at 3.88. The reviews are below by 55 users look at a few of them and find out what they enjoyed and what did not like about the experience. 

Washman Car Wash Prices

Washman Car Wash | Convention Center is located in Portland, OR 97232, 1530 N.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

For more information about the business, You can go to www.washmanusa.com. To schedule an appointment, contact + (503) 559-91-11 during business hours.


Washman Menu

Per One

Express Wash $8.00
Auto Shampoo $10.00
The Works $12.00
Deluxe $24.00
Auto Spa $36.00
Inside & Out $26.00

About Washman

Washman offers a variety of car wash options to meet all your needs and wants. For example, Express Wash includes an exterior wash and blow-dry, while its Auto Shampoo includes exterior wash blow-dry, exterior wash double liquid polish and carnauba, and the application of a clear coat shield. 

The Works is the most comprehensive car washing, with all the services of its Auto Shampoo plus the application of Armor All Tire Shine – and the result is a sparkling car, both inside and outside!

There are also cleaning services that typically consist of vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down the interior. 

The car spa service is highly recommended as it provides all the necessary services to provide a luxurious experience including the exterior and interior cleaning to the scent selection.

The car wash is easy as well The experience is short, with The Works running for just three to three minutes, or less. 

This is due to the use of a computerized system which does all the job. Also, there is less water needed in car washes due to this computerized process.

Below is the latest Washman price.

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