Types of perfume oils

There are four main categories of scent families, each consisting of multiple subtypes: Oriental Rich, exotic aromas Commonly described as seductive Sweet and earthy notes Common notes: Myrrh, Vanilla, Anise Rich, exotic aromas Commonly described as seductive Sweet and earthy notes Common notes: …

FAQ types of perfume oils

What are perfume oils?

Perfume or fragrance oils are the alcohol-free, all-natural types of perfume based on raw fragrant plant-derived ingredients. They are longer-lasting with 6-15 hours of wear on average, more affordable, and gentler to the skin. You apply perfume oils directly onto the skin, on the pulse points, and you can layer to create your signature scent.

How to choose the best oil perfume for You?

The best oil perfumes will develop very quickly and reveal the core notes. Those lighter and fresher notes will give way to reveal a more constant scent that lingers and deepens in synch with your body temperature. This is why it’s recommended to put perfume oil on pulse spots when the temperature is higher.

What are fragrance fragrances?

Fragrances are created by mixing perfume oil with alcohol; the more perfume oil, the stronger the fragrance and the longer it will last. Eau de Parfum (EDP) is the strongest type of perfume we sell.

What are the different types of Eau de parfume?

These includes: 1 Parfum: This is also known as Extrait de parfum. … 2 Eau de Perfume: Eau de Perfume has the next highest concentration of fragrance after perfume. … 3 Eau de Toilette: Eau de Toilette has a smell concentration from 5 percent to 15 percent. … More items…

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Types of Perfume Oils


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