Type of oil in wisconsin engine vg402

This is a auto start plant, and living in northern Wisconsin it gets well below zero in the winter. Since this plant starts instantly and runs to governed speed whenever the power fails, I decieded to use Mobil 1 0w40 synthetic oil in the engine. The reason I used this oil is because Arctic Cat uses this type of oil in their 4-cycle snowmobiles.

FAQ type of oil in wisconsin engine vg402

What are the different models of the Wisconsin engines?

Listed below are the various models of the Wisconsin Engines and some data regarding them. Cyl. Max. Torque Cyl. Max. Torque Cyl. Max. Torque Cyl.

What is a Wisconsin TJD engine?

The Wisconsin TJD is an engine used for commercial and industrial purposes. Wisconsin’s heavy-duty internal combustion engines have set the standard for the commercial and industrial engine industry. The engines can be used on forklifts, saws, welders, skid steers and other commercial equipment. The Wisconsin TJD was manufactured from 1968 to 2001.

What is the highest revving engine in Wisconsin?

Note that this horsepower was developed by running at 3600 rpm, the highest revving Wisconsin multi cylinder engine to date. It is felt that the engine was under rated when introduced at 25 hp and had some carburetor and other minor changes done and the engine model was subsequently changed to W2-1235 (26 hp) and then to W2-1250 (30 hp).

What is the bore and stroke size of a Wisconsin engine?

Wisconsin Engines Model ACN BKN S-8D AENL Cyl. 1 1 1 1 Bore (in./mm) 2.625/67 2.875/73 3.125/79 3.00/7.6 Stroke (in./mm) 2.75/70 2.75/70 2.625/67 3.25/83 Displacement 14.9/244 1.78/2.92 20.2/331 23.0/377 13 more rows …

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