Type Of Oil For 1979 Honda Civic CVCC

1979 Honda Civic Overview. This year, 1979, marks the last of the first generation of Honda Civics. The year brought only a few changes to the Civic or CVCC, mostly just an increase in horsepower to 55. People are still driving it — even now. In fact, last year, someone commented that his ’79 Honda Civic was the most “functional and utilitarian …

FAQ Type Of Oil For 1979 Honda Civic CVCC

Is a 1979 Honda Civic a good car?

All drivers of the Honda Civic love its gas efficiency, its reliability, and its amazing ability to keep on going, through alternator replacements, new engines, and more. Users ranked 1979 Honda Civic against other cars which they drove/owned.

What kind of engine does a Honda Civic CVCC have?

Honda Civic CVCC. Honda began selling the 1169 cc (70 in³) transversely-mounted inline-four engine Civic for about US$2,200.

The Civic was largely developed as a new platform and was the result of taking the previous Honda N600 and increasing the length, width, height, and wheelbase.

What kind of engine does a 1972 Honda Civic have?

Following the best packaging practices laid down by the MINI Cooper, the 1972 Civic featured a transverse-mounted front-engine, front-drive layout.

Despite its compact size, the Civic didn’t feel cramped. Even the trunk was roomier than it looked from the outside, thanks in part to the elimination of the rear axle.

What does CVCC mean on a Honda Civic?

The CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) engine debuted in 1975 and was offered alongside the standard Civic engine.

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The optional 53 hp (40 kW) CVCC engine displaced 1488 cc and had a head design that promoted cleaner, more efficient combustion.

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