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Locate the oil cap at the top of the engine assembly underneath your car’s hood and remove it. Place a funnel into the hole and pour in your new motor oil, making sure to use the right type and amount for your 2010 Accord’s engine. Replace the oil cap the check your dipstick to make sure that your levels are normal.

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How many generations of Honda Accord engine oil are there?

We analyzed official data on Honda Accord engine oil for 11 generations and 58 modifications produced from 1984 to 2022 and figured out the optimal liquids. 4th Gen 4Runner With TRD Wheels.

What are the specs of a 2010 Honda Accord?

2010 Honda Accord Sedan Change Vehicle. Vehicle Specifications. Specs for trim: … Curb Weight (lbs) 3362. Interior Measurements (5 Speed Automatic EX) Back to top .

How do I change the transmission fluid in my Honda Accord?

Replace the drain plug and tighten to hand-tight. Replace drain plug and tighten to finger tight. Fill transmission from fill plug (or dipstick). Use 2.5 quarts of Honda DW-1 Automatic Transmission Fluid. Use a funnel and pour carefully to not spill fluid. Replace fill plug (or dipstick). Wait 15 minutes, then check transmission fluid level.

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