Type B Oil Cargille

Immersion Oil Type B. Cat #: 16484 Refractive Index @ 23° C: F Line (486.1 nm) – 1.5236 e Line (546.1 nm) – 1.5180 D Line (589.3 nm) – 1.5150 C Line (656.3 nm) – 1.5116

FAQ Type B Oil Cargille

What are the different types of Cargille immersion oil?

Cargille immersion oil type A, low viscosity, low fluorescence for short-focus objectives. Cargille immersion oil type B, high viscosity, is generally accepted for medical work.

Cargille immersion oil type LDF, very low fluorescence. Cargille immersion oil type FF, fluorescence free.

What is Cargille oil?

Cargille specifications were adopted by the U.S. Department of Defense. Developed the first very high viscosity oils for horizontal, inverted, and projecting microscopes in cooperation with US Department of H.E.W. (1950). Developed the first PCB-free immersion oils (1971). Supplies oil to meet British immersion oil specifications.

Why is my Cargille immersion oil temperature too high?

Elevated temperatures can be due to substage illuminators, “hot stage”, or other causes – ideal situations for Cargille Immersion Oil Type 37.

Does Cargille have a minimum order requirement?

Our minimum order requirement is quite modest and is easily met by customers purchasing directly from Cargille, or you can always have your preferred laboratory supply distributor handle the order for you. Need assistance finding a liquid? Just email our technical department.

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