Tidal Wave Auto Spa Prices 2022 ❤️

In the year 2004, Tidal Wave Auto Spa inaugurated its first wash within Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, the company has expanded to other locations across the south-central US. 

In addition to top-quality customer service, Tidal Wave is well-known for its environmentally friendly service.

Here’s an inventory of Tidal Wave Auto Spa costs:

Tidal Wave Auto Spa Prices

Tidal Wave Auto Spa Prices List 2022


Unlimited Buff-N-Shine Club

Our most popular wash! Pay once and get unlimited wash for $20 and free vacuums for the entire month long. Included are Sea Foam, Sea Shine, Hot Wax Shine, Super Polish, Tire Shine, Wheel Shine, Rain Repellent, Triple Conditioner, Bug Prep, Underbody Rinse, Super Dry, and many more. $29.99

Unlimited Tire Shine Club

Pay once and get unlimited $10 washes and free vacuums throughout the month-long. It includes Sea Foam, Tire Shine, and Rain Repellent along with Triple Conditioner. $19.99

More About Tidal Wave Auto Spa

Tidal Wave Auto Spa is an extensive chain of full-service car wash locations with 14 across the Southeastern United States. The employees at every location offer professional, friendly, and prompt customer service. 

The facilities feature modern equipment to wash cars, to ensure that the cars are with a look and feel that is nearly new.

The chain provides individual car wash services, as well as the option of a membership to unlimited car washes. 

The former includes full service and only exterior services. Members can get the most value for the price of their car by allowing unlimited washes.

With the program of unlimited car washes, members can avail of an unlimited amount of car wash services even daily for 30 days. 

Your car will sport a FastPass sticker on the windshield, which will be read automatically by the scanner, so you are able to get your car cleaned.

It is possible to renew your membership every month in a way that is automatic, but you also have the option of canceling it at any time.

Below are the latest Tidal Wave Auto Spa prices.

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