The ins and outs of engine oil types

The Ins and Outs of Engine Oil Types. THE INS AND OUTS OF ENGINE OIL TYPES Essentially refined crude oil The standard in the car industry for decades REGULAR OIL Least expensive type of oil 3500 7500 Needs to be changed between 3,500 and 7,500 miles Contains additives that make it more tolerant to extreme temperatures and aging than …

FAQ the ins and outs of engine oil types

What kind of oil should I use in my car?

For example, it may recommend 5W-30 synthetic oil for warmer weather, and 0W-30 oil for colder weather. Amsoil products will specify the viscosity of the oil across the front of the packaging. Additionally, you should understand what the numbers identifying different viscosities mean.

What does all the ins and outs mean?

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What is the “30” in 5W-30 oil?

This is where the “30” in 5W-30 synthetic oil comes from. Alternatively, there is dynamic viscosity, which is essentially the amount of energy required to move an object through the lubricant. Dynamic viscosity is measured using the Cold Crank Simulator test, and is used to determine an oil’s low-temperature viscosity grade.

What is the most important property of engine oil?

Viscosity is the most important property of oil when considering engine protection. Viscosity determines how your engine’s lubricant will react to changes in speed, pressure, and temperature. For example, during cold winter months, it may be difficult to get your car to start first thing in the morning.

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