Simpicity regent 14 hydro oil type

Oil Type. Always refer to the lawn mower’s operator manual before servicing. The experts at MDT Products, which manufactures Yard-Man, Bolens and White lawn-care products among others, note that "Hydro-Gear factory uses 10W-40 motor oil during assembly, but also approves the use of 20W-50 oil when servicing the hydrostatic system." Hydro-Gear …

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What is a simplicity hydro drive?

Mowing around complex shapes is made much easier with a hydro drive. Briggs & Stratton, a manufacturer of small engines, acquired the Simplicity brand with the intent of doing business in the lawn care market. Despite bearing the prestigious Briggs & Stratton name, Simplicity machinery is priced for the economy-end of the cost spectrum.

What type of hydraulic oil for Eaton simplicity?

Simplicity states " Simplicity all-purpose hydraulic oil " . ATF ?? Then, Ford or GM ATF ?? Depending on which series unit you have, Eaton recommends 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-50 and even 80-90 gear lube.

What kind of oil does a hydrostatic tractor use?

My hydrostatic tractor uses 8 gallons of hydraulic/transmission oil. It is often called hytrans or "Universal Tractor Fluid" available in many sizes from NAPA and on the container it lists all of the specs it meets. It is a light oil, not red like atf, but similar in weight.

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