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Oil Charge Guide – Compressor Make Model Type/Operation Oil Capacity Ester Oil PAG Oil Denso TV14C Through Vane 120 – 160ml OGX001 OGX9801 Diesel Kiki DKS12 Swash Plate – 6 cyl 120ml OGX001 OGX9802 … Sanden SD510 Wobble Plate – 5 cyl 135ml OGX001 OGX032 Sanden SD5H14 Wobble Plate – 5 cyl 175ml OGX001 OGX031 Sanden SD708, SD709 …

FAQ sd510 compressor oil type

What is the oil charge for a Sanden service compressor?

• Sanden service compressors are supplied with a full oil charge as indicated on the label above. This amount is consistent with the original OEM charge used during vehicle build. 9.3 Oil Amount (Compressor swap, no flushing)

What is the max temperature of SDSD compressor?

SD Compressor Service Guide. 1 Short term peak: 430 psig max. (short idle or short acceleration time) 2 Limited term: 400 psig max. (extended idle or short acceleration time) 3 Long term continuous: less than 300 psig. Up to 4000 rpm (for optimum life) 4 Max continuous temperature: 280 deg. F (300 F short term)

Can I use R134a and PAG oil in my Sanden compressor?

This manual focuses on service information for Sanden compressors intended for use with R134a and PAG oils. 1. Always follow safety precautions described in section 3.0 2. Do not discharge R134a into the atmosphere.

How to drain the oil from the oil drain on compressor?

Drain oil from the suction and discharge ports into a suitable container while turning the shaft clockwise only with a socket wrench on the armature retaining nut. 3. Measure and record the amount of oil drained from the compressor. 23 4. Drain oil from the new compressor following steps 1 and 2. 5.

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