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Harley-Davidson Road King Engine and Transmission Technical Data: Engine type – Number of cylinders: V2, four-stroke : Engine details: Integrated Oil-Cooler : Fuel system: Injection. Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection : Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity: 1687.97 ccm (103.00 cubic inches) Bore x Stroke: 98.4 x 111.3 mm (3.9 x 4.4 inches)

FAQ road king primary oil type

What kind of oil for a 2009 Road King?

I have a 2009 Road King which I did the first 1000 miles with factory oil then switched to Ames Oil Syn 20/50 in the engine and primary and Ames Heavy Gear in the trany. With factory the trany had a whine in first and fifth, the Ames Gear oil fixed that right away.

Can I Change my 2001 Road King to a sys oil?

I have a 2001 Road King with about 13000 miles. I would think that I could change to a sys oil with not problems. Thanks in Advance Thanks for the info. Welcome to the forum Jim, do some research and you’ll switch.

What kind of oil to use in the primary?

You can use stuff labeled for the specific purpose. Some guys even use ATF in the primary. I have used the same Amsoil 20/50 in engine, the primary and transmission since I bought my H-D last year. Some guys will use 10w40 in the primary. I have heard that pouring a $13 bottle of synthetic in the primary is wasteful.

What kind of oil does AMSOIL use for motorcycles?

AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of engine, transmission and primary chaincase use. Expect smooth, quiet shifting with maximum component life. It is contains additives to prevent wear and the 100% synthetic base oil will not shear down (thin out).

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How to Harley Davidson Road King primary oil change

How to Change Primary Oil on Harley-Davidson Touring Models by J&P Cycles

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