Recomended jeep compass oil type

Liqui Moly Recommendation: Liqui Moly Special Tec AA 5W-20 Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation 5W-20 Castrol Recommendation: Capacity 4.50 US quarts, Service Intervals -Flexible (max):Change 8000 miles/ 6 months Castrol EDGE H…

FAQ recomended jeep compass oil type

What’s the 2018 Jeep Compass oil type?

The 2018 Jeep Compass uses a recommended oil of 0W-20 viscosity. It holds up to 5.5 quarts of oil in its 2.4L engine. When topping up Your oil, it is always a good idea to follow the automaker’s suggestions on what to use. Doing so will keep Your engine running at its best, and make it last a long time.

How many km can you put in a Jeep Compass oil?

MultiAir II 5.2 Use: Flexible (max) 16 000 km/ 12 months/ 350 hours Jeep Compass, MP (2017 – ) (USA / CAN) engine oil capacity Model: Jeep Compass, MP (2017 – ) (USA / CAN) 2018 Jeep Compass Engine Capacity/Filter capacity

What kind of oil do you put in a jeep?

Jeeps are filled up with Mopar 68218890AB 5W20 Engine Oil. This is regular oil and the exact same oil found in your engine when you purchased it from the dealership. If you were to have your Jeep serviced at the dealership they would use this oil. The factory service manual recommends an oil change every 3000 miles.

Why should you change your Jeep’s engine oil?

Timeous oil changes extend the life of your Jeep by protecting its engine internals better during startup and in harsh conditions. But what engine oil type should you use on your Jeep? There are 3 types of oils:

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Jeep Compass Oil Change (2017+)

2019 Jeep Compass – Lubrication System Service (Oil and Filter Change)

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