Rainstorm Car Wash Prices 2022 ❤️

Rainstorm Car Wash has locations throughout Central Illinois, allowing them to provide a variety of car wash options to the residents of these regions.

There are four options available. The Mist includes the presoak, vacuums for free, detail carts, high-speed dryers, and spot-free rinse. 

The Rainstorm comes with all the Mist features, plus foamy polish, rain repel wheel cleaner, and shine for tires.

Here’s an overview of Rainstorm Car Wash prices:


Rainstorm Car Wash Menu

Per One

The Mist $8.00
Rainstorm $12.00
Lightning Wax & Shine $16.00

About Rainstorm Car Wash

Rainstorm Car Wash offers its customers a subscription plan. The plan allows customers will pay for the cost of one wash at the time of signing up and then visit the closest location to wash their car again and be charged the total cost of the service on the 1st day of the subsequent month. 

The benefits of membership are valid at all times – the fast pass sticker on your windshield is equipped with an RFID chip that is able to be read at any time.

Each and every service that you receive at Rainstorm Car Wash comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that the company will pay back your money immediately in the event that you aren’t satisfied. 

The services offered include Mist (basic wash that comes with pre-soak spot-free rinse, as well as an under-body flush) and Rainstorm (Mist services as well as the wheel’s cleaning and shine, tires as well as foam polish), and Lightning Wax (Mist Services and the Rainstorm, plus carnauba wax and bug/salt preparation) in addition to other.

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The car wash offers free vacuums that come with wands or claw attachments. Additionally, there are detail carts equipped with all-purpose cleaners and microfiber towels. There is also bug remover, as well as window cleaning.

Below are the most recent Rainstorm Car Wash prices.


Day Open  Closed
Mon 7:30 AM 8:00 PM
Tue 7:30 AM 8:00 PM
Wed 7:30 AM 8:00 PM
Thu 7:30 AM 8:00 PM
Fri 7:30 AM 9:00 PM
Sat 7:30 AM 9:00 PM
Sun 8:00 AM 8:00 PM

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