R154 oil type [Update 2023]

R154 oil type: Up until 2004, you could find 5-speed transmissions in the Toyota Soarer, Toyota Cresta Tourer V, Toyota Mark II Tourer V, Toyota Chaser Tourer V, Toyota Crown, and the MKIII Supra Turbo. The Aspect Ratios of the transmission are 3.25…

FAQ r154 oil type

What kind of oil does a Toyota R154 take?

The lubricant capacity of the Toyota R154 is 3 liters and the preferred oil specified by the manufacturer is 80W-90 GL4. And the dry weight of this transmission is 46kg or 101lbs Below are all the common parts found within a Toyota R154 transmission:

Why is it important to replace the R154 transmission?

It is important that you replace any component of the R154 transmission which gets damaged or fails. If you do nothing, then a faulty component could end up causing damage to other areas of the transmission. Then you may have to replace the entire transmission, which would cost you thousands of dollars.

What are the parts of a Toyota R154 transmission?

Below are all the common parts found within a Toyota R154 transmission: 1 Bell housing 2 Output shaft 3 End case 4 Shifter 5 Gear case 6 30mm input shaft OD 7 245mm drive plate diameter 8 40mm drive plate surface area More …

What is so special about the Audi R154?

What is special about the R154 is how well it is constructed and designed. It is very easy to recognize the strength and power of the gearbox when you see it in action. This strength comes from the size of the gears and the external casing. They were made this size to ensure the transmission performed all the time wonderfully.

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