R1100rt oil type

Your riders manual is your friend on the oil type & weigh to use. The Mobil-1 15W50 oil is a great all around oil for the BMW boxers & you really can’t go wrong with that. Personally, if I had a 68,000 mile 1100RT & lived in Vegas I would run 20W50 Mobil-1 V twin. That is just a bit better than the M-1 15W50 in extreme heat areas.

FAQ r1100rt oil type

What kind of oil does a BMW R1100RT take?

Engine Oil for BMW R1100RT, R1150RT. All Bikes. These mineral or synthetic AGIP/ENI engine oils of the latest generation meet the requirements of BMW’s specifications or classifications and because of this they fit perfectly to the superior BMW riders. TEC 4T engine oil (synthetic) SAE 15W-50 1 Litre. Article-No.

What kind of oil do you use in your R100?

Since I have an ’81 R100 that thrives better on oil with a respectable zinc / phosphorus content I use 20-50 Valvoline Racing Oil in both oilheads and the airhead. This oil is sold at most NAPA stores in these parts and is reasonably priced.

Why buy an r 1100 RT?

Owning an R 1100 RT will bring motorcycling to a new level of exploration. This bike has high performance capabilities that electrify the cerebellum, touring abilities that will make you look at maps of the entire continent and a perfectionist approach to quality. Your imagination is the only boundary to the possibilities aboard this motorcycle.

Is it okay to use Rotella oil in a spark ignition engine?

It’s fine, it just means that the oil has some additional additives that are desirable for diesel service but that doesn’t preclude use of the oil in spark-ignition engines. The Rotella oils are very popular for heavy-duty uses of all kinds. As DR mentioned they’re not quite what they used to be but they’re still good.

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