Putting The Right Type Of Oils On Seb Derm

3 natural oils to keep skin prone to seborrheic dermatitis in healthy and resilient conditions. Belmond’s Scalp Oil is a great antimicrobial rescue oil;

made with tea tree, nettle, rosemary, and borage, it can be used as a topical rescue oil on areas of seborrheic dermatitis around the nose, eyebrows, hairline, and on scalp. How to use: apply a few …

FAQ putting the right type of oils on seb derm

How to use essential oils for seborrheic dermatitis?

These oils help to fight fungus, microbes, bacteria, and inflammation. Some of the most suitable essential oils for seborrheic dermatitis are tea tree, eucalyptus, patchouli, borage, etc. You could use these oils in combination with any carrier oil like coconut, olive, or almond oil.

Is there a connection between oleic acid and seborrheic dermatitis?

However, based on the potential connection between oleic acid and seborrheic dermatitis, you likely want to avoid oils with the highest concentrations of this fatty acid (such as peanut, olive, and almond oils). For reference, here is a neat fatty acid breakdown for you:

Does olive oil cause seborrheic dermatitis?

However, in their free fatty acid form (think of olive oil that begins to spoil), they can directly cause skin irritation while also increasing their sensitivity to other irritants [ 1, 2].

To make better sense of it the relationship between oils and seborrheic dermatitis, let’s start with a review of what Malassezia is used for growth.

What should you not do if you have seborrheic dermatitis?

5 Things NOT TO DO When Fighting Seborrheic Dermatitis 1 Treat it like dry skin. 2 Flake it off. 3 Put up hair when wet, or wear a hat over wet hair. 4 Skip showering or shampooing. 5 Give up hope.

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Seborrhoeic Dermatitis (Medical Condition)A common skin condition affecting the scalp and resulting in scaly skin.