Prime Shine Car Wash Prices 2022 ❤️

Norm and Evan Porges opened Prime Shine Car Wash in Modesto, California in 1991. The company has expanded rapidly from a single car wash location to include several locations in the Central Valley. 

Despite the competition, the company managed to stand out by providing quality service at an affordable price.

Here is a list of Prime Shine Car Wash Prices:


Prime Shine Car Wash

Premier $12.00
Protex $10.00
Prime Shine $8.00
Tire Shine $2.00
All-Weather Protect $3.00

Unlimited Wash Program

Prime Shine (Per Month) $19.95
Protex (Per Month) $29.95
Premier (Per Month) $34.95

Prime Shine Car Wash

Prime Shine Car Wash was established in April 1991, with its first location in Modesto, California. It has revolutionized the way car owners view the car wash. A professional car wash is no longer a luxury but a necessity for proper maintenance and care.

This chain also offers affordable car washing packages and ala-carte services. This top-to-bottom wash provides great value and gives car owners amazing results in just three minutes. 

Premier (undercarriage spray and spot-free rinse and deep cleaning polish), Protex, and Prime Shine (shield paint guard and carnauba wax plus basic clean), respectively. Technicians are skilled in applying products such as tire shine, protectant, and carnauba wax.

There are discounts and deals available. For example, the Premier Package offers a 50% discount within 7 days after receipt.

Below are the most recent Prime Shine Car Wash Prices.

Why Choose Prime Shine Hand Car Wash Perth?

Prime shine car Wash Perth is a trusted and reliable car wash. We give your car a fresh look using a professional wash process. Since our inception, we have grown our Perth car washing services. 

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We use a high-tech washing system to wash your car. We use biodegradable, eco-friendly, and hygienic products to clean your car. We use professional vacuum cleaners to clean your car of dirt and debris.

They do not damage the upholstery or cause any damage. We are trusted by our customers and they always recommend us to others.

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