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Automotive air conditioning compressors require specific types of lubricants. Most 1996 and newer A/C systems use R134a refrigerant and require some type of PAG (polyalkylene glycol) oil for the compressor. If the wrong type of compressor oil or the wrong viscosity compressor oil is used, it may damage the compressor. In fact, the main reason for a newly installed A/C …

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What kind of oil does a Jaguar X-type take?

Oil specification – petrol engine An oil of 5W-30 viscosity meeting Jaguar specification WSS-M2C-913 – A or B is preferred. Where this is not possible, oil meeting API SJ/EC and ACEA A1 98 or A3 98 may be used.

Which oil for 2005 X-type?

x-type – which Oil – who is right ? I took my x-type 2005 petrol V6 2.1 to an Independent Jaguar Specialist in May for a full service and they use Texaco 5W30 SEMI SYNTHETIC oil. Yesterday I took it to Halfords for a winter check where they said it needed an oil top-up.

Is Texaco semi-synthetic oil what Jaguar recommend?

My service garage swear that Texaco Semi-Synthetic is what jaguar recommend, that they have only used that oil for 8 or 9 years and say they have serviced the car correctly. They argue that if it was not correct they would have a forecourt full of damaged cars.

Is there a universal PAG oil?

Because the various PAG oils all have different viscosities, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to have a single oil formulation with the same viscosity characteristics as the original PAG 46, PAG 100 or PAG 150. The universal oil will be a compromise blend that fails to meet anyof the OEM specifications.

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How To Add PAG Oil Into An AC System


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