Onan diesel generator oil type [Update 2023]

Onan 5500 generators need diesel quality oil because they are diesel-powered generators. While 10W40 is the recommended oil, many users have mentioned that they have gotten great results as well from Mobil1 20-50 synthetic oil.

Onan Generator Oil Recommendation (viscosity)

The word viscosity is used to refer to the measure that is used to measure the resistance to the flow of oil. The first number is a reference to the oil’s resistance flow, and the other is to its thickness. Less the amount,, the thinner the oil.

A high-quality SAE 30W oil should be sufficient on your Onan generator. The brand’s name isn’t so important, as is the viscosity level. It is recommended to look through the manual of your owner to see what suggestions they offer.

FAQ onan diesel generator oil type

What kind of oil do you put in an Onan generator?

The best oil you can use for your new Onan generator would be an SAE 30W viscosity oil. At best you would probably need to use 1.6 quarts to fill the oil tank. To get all the facts about maintaining your Onan generator just continue to read our article. The facts help make your Onan generator last a long time.

When to change the oil on a Cummins Onan diesel generator?

PLEASE NOTE: This post only applies to the Diesel generator, not the LP / Propane generator. According to the Cummins Onan manual (linked above), the first oil change should occur at 20 hours or after 1 year, whichever comes first (according to the latest version of the OPERATOR MANUAL published in 2018).

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Does the Onan 4000 have an oil filter?

The Onan 4000 does not have an oil filter. Just change the oil, that’s it. How often should I change the oil in my Onan generator? Change the oil at least once a year The Onan generator manual recommends changing the oil each year or every 100 hours of use.

Why buy an Onan quietdiesel RV generator?

One of the greatest freedoms we get from RVing is the ability to go anywhere, any time, completely self-contained. Our Onan 7.5 kW QuietDiesel RV generator is a key part of that freedom.

ONAN RV GENERATOR MAINTENANCE || Change The Oil, Replace The Air Filter, & Clean The Spark Arrestor

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