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what type of oil does a 2010 cadillac cts take? what kind of oil does a 2006 cadillac dts use? what kind of oil does a 2008 cadillac dts use? what kind of oil does a 2010 cadillac dts use? … Do Northstar Engines Burn Oil? These cars were powered by a “Northstar” engine that burned oil. The engine is probably in bad shape deep inside, so that suggests something is …

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What is a Northstar engine?

Their answer to the technological war-cries of the east was the Northstar engine. Touted as GM’s most complex and advanced engine architecture ever, the Northstar engine has had a long run of almost 17 years, during which it has become a milestone in American automobile development.

What kind of oil pressure problems does a Northstar have?

The oil pressure can quickly plummet, especially on the early Northstar engines in the 1993 and 1994 models, as a result of the debris caught in the oil pressure relief valve. This problem will require the owner to replace the seals and the gaskets, with the gaskets being a bit tricky and time-consuming to fix.

How do you know if a Northstar engine is bad?

This limp mode is used to keep the engine running even when the coolant tank is dry, but this can sometimes actually damage the engine further, showing the Northstar engine can be bad when the coolant is leaking. Other issues with the Northstar engines that have gone bad are the oiling in the cars.

What kind of gas do you use in your Northstar?

Also, on the oil cap for the engine it says 5w-30 however i heard that the northstar performs better with 10w-30. maybe it’s just a rumour, but anyway, i really take care of my cars in and out and i always use 94 if not 91 octane gasoline.

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