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Who’s up for bowling? Have a fun game with your families or friends at the Big Apple Bowling & Fun Center in Melody Lanes in Brooklyn. In this bowling alley, children of all ages can play.

It is simple to park at Big Apple Bowling & Fun Center at Melody Lanes’ customers. Don’t let your next trip turn into an edgy one. 

Gather your friends together and head for a visit to Big Apple Bowling & Fun Center in Melody Lanes in Brooklyn.




Open Bowlers (Per Game) (Monday-Friday) $7.00
Melody Lanes League Bowlers (Per Game) (Monday-Friday) $6.00
Melody Lanes Seniors (Per Game) (Monday-Friday) $4.00
Melody Lanes Juniors (Per Game) (9 am-Closing) (Monday-Friday) $5.00
Open Bowlers (2 Hour Lane Rental) (Monday-Friday) $65.00
Melody Lanes League Bowlers (2 Hour Lane Rental) (Monday-Friday) $60.00



Open Bowlers (Per Game) (Saturday-Sunday) $8.50
Melody Lanes League Bowlers (Per Game) (Saturday-Sunday) $6.50
Open Bowlers (2 Hour Lane Rental) (Saturday-Sunday) $75.00
Melody Lanes League Bowlers (2 Hour Lane Rental) (Saturday-Sunday) $65.00


5 pm-Closing

Open Bowlers (Per Game) (Sunday-Thursday) $8.00
Melody Lanes League Bowlers (Per Game) (Sunday-Thursday) $6.50
Open Bowlers (2 Hour Lane Rental) (Sunday-Thursday) $70.00
Melody Lanes League Bowlers (2 Hour Lane Rental) (Sunday-Thursday) $65.00


5 pm-Closing

Open Bowlers (Per Game) (Friday-Saturday) $9.00
Melody Lanes League Bowlers (Per Game) (Friday-Saturday) $7.50
Open Bowlers (2 Hour Lane Rental) (Friday-Saturday) $75.00
Melody Lanes League Bowlers (2 Hour Lane Rental) (Friday-Saturday) $65.00

Other Services

1 Hour Lane Rental (All Times) $45.00
Open Bowling Shoe Rental $4.00
Melody Lanes League Bowler Shoe Rental $2.00

About Melody Lanes

The network of Melody Lanes bowling alleys is an extremely popular spot to hang out with teenagers and adults. 

The alleys are maintained well and the balls are recent, and the staff is pleasant, friendly, and welcoming. 

There are many places to go where people gather to eat or drink, and also bowl, so be ready to deal with a crowd, particularly on weekends.

Melody Lanes, however, isn’t the glamorous and stylish bowling alleys with extravagant lighting, luxurious dining establishments, and an array of games for arcades. 

If you’re looking for a traditional bowling experience with your loved ones and family is the ideal spot to be. Additionally, you can reserve it for a short or last-minute birthday party for adults and kids.

The players are able to rent shoes by the game or by the hour. The cost of renting shoes isn’t included. Adults can enjoy regular drinks on tap, wine, and cocktails from the full bar. 

The bar accepts credit cards as well as cash to pay and also accepts reservations for special events, including corporate games.

Below are the most current Melody Lanes prices.

FAQ Melody Lanes

How much do Bowling Melody Lanes Cost?

I highly recommend it should you want to spend the night in the city: Melody Lanes located at 461 37th Street between 4th and 5th Aves in Sunset Park City costs $7.6 up to $9.9 for a person. and $40 to $45 per hour, and $65 to $.

How Much Does Bowler Cost?

Each game will cost you $4. the per game will be deducted. Each event will cost $40.00.A set of sneakers will cost just $20.The price per hour for the game is $25.Lanes cost $10.00 per hour.

What is the cost of Bowlmor Times Square?

You can get $6 to finish the weekend on a high note. For the last eight o’clock in the evening, you can purchase the 99 arcade card and play arcade games. We’re available from 8 p.m. until 12:00 am on Sundays. Lane access at any given time is contingent on this.

What is the cost of Bowlmor Lanes Times Square?

There are no costs (beginning after 5 pm, up to seven people per lane). The shoe rental costs $7 per month. Book Even though there’s no longer an Original Bowlmor at Union Square, the New York region’s most famous location is still open, with 50 lanes and seven lounges that are dedicated to a historic landmark near.

How many Lanes Do the Most Bowling Alleys have?

Over the course of two years, bowling alleys earn $1,500 per week or $75,000 per year on average from games revenue. Approximately 26 bowling centers with 25 lanes earn $2,850 on average.

How Much is Bowlmor Lanes Times Square?

There are no fees (beginning after 5 pm, up to seven people per lane). The shoe rental costs $7 per month. Book While there’s no longer an original Bowlmor located in Union Square, the New York district’s main location is open. It has 50 lanes, and seven lounges that are themed to a historic landmark close by.

How Much Does Bowling Cost In Nyc?

The cost is $8 per person for normal games. Approximately 90% of the cost is donated to charity. For the lane itself, the cost is $50. It is priced between $45 and $75 for an hour, and a maximum for 10 passengers.

There’s also the “Bottomless Bowl” event happening here where you can participate in endless bowling, billiards, or Ping-Pong on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

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