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Grinding slices of bread will ensure your meat grinder is rid of meat oil that is present in the food tube of your meat grinder. The bread helps to absorb the oil and also takes out little meat residue from the food tube fin the meat grinder. A few slices will get the job done. Step 2: Dismantle your meat grinder. After grinding the bread, dismantle your meat grinder …

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What is a meat grinder used for?

Plunger or Metal Pusher: It’s used to push the meat through the meat through the feeding tube so it’s auger can get it ready to be cut by the blade. There are three different meat grinder types and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. You should only use a manual grinder if you plan on grinding your meat occasionally.

How much did you pay for Your Meat Grinder?

I paid about $20 for a quart. I also don’t use my grinder heavily. I do a max of about 10 lbs of meat in a batch because I have a small smoker. I acquired this meat grinder from a friend yesterday (7/4/17).

What kind of oil do you use in your grinder?

I would use Mineral oil… get it at the pharmacy… It is typically used for fine machinery oiling… should work fine… Thanks for the suggestion, Dave. I have a General Grinder model D. I use Lubriplate, part number FGL-2. It’s food grade and reasonably priced. Bob, thanks for that info.

Is it safe to cut raw meat with a grinder?

Health Issues: You should be very careful when cutting raw meat. You should not have raw meat sitting in warm temperatures for a long time. Since you’ll take longer cutting through food using a manual grinder, you’ll have to freeze up larger batches of meat and use them once at a time.

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