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LS2 uses a slightly tweaked Gen III oil system. It adds an active oil management system; hence its oil galleries have been redesigned to maintain correct oil pressure as various cylinders are activated and deactivated during use. Finally, LS3 utilizes a dry-sump design. The engine has two oil pumps and a separate oil reservoir.

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What are LS2 engines used for?

The spec-based engine saw use within Nascar’s Grand National Series, and by all accounts was renowned for its stellar performance, at a fraction of the cost associated with other non-factory dimension based builds. Modified LS2 engines also found their way into luxury auto manufacturer Holden Special Vehicles’ E-Series line of cars.

What is the difference between an LS1 and LS2?

In relation to the Gen III LS engines that came before it, the LS2 featured a slightly greater displacement value of 364.1 cubic-inches, over the prior LS1. The LS2 also featured an increase in cylinder bore dimensions from 3.90 inches to 4.00 inches.

What is the LS2 Corvette engine?

Of the memorable engines featured within the LS series, one particular offering stands out for its versatility and raw ease of adaptability, over all others. The LS2, which was offered in the Corvette from 2005 to 2007, served as a testament to GM’s relentless drive toward innovation.

What is the compression ratio of a Chevy LS2 engine?

The LS2 also featured an increased compression ratio of 10.9:1, over the LS6’s 10.5:1 ratio. There were several other changes between the LS2’s Gen IV block design, and the Gen III block design of the LS1.

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