Honda S2000 Engine Oil Capacity (USA)

You know  well about Engine Oil, if you don’t know then look here some basic information  about Honda S2000 Engine Oil Capacity, Do you know friends, Honda recommend changing your car oil each and every 7500 miles or 3750 miles.

How Many Quarts of Oil Does a Honda S2000 take?If you want to do maintenance by your self on you Honda S2000 model,then The Honda S2000 needed 5.6  quarts of Engine oil.

In this article you can see here data regarding Honda S2000 Engine, Honda S2000 Engine oil capacity, Honda S2000  Oil change Intervals and Honda S2000  Service cost you can see here under as below given on the table.

Model: Honda S2000, AP (1999 – 2009) (USA)

EngineCapacity/FilterOil Change IntervalsService Cost
S2000 (USA) (AP1) (1999 – 2003)F20C14.8 l 5.07 US Quarts / Filter: 0.3 l 0.32 US Quarts7 500 miles / 12 months260.83 $/345.66$
S2000 (CAN) (AP1) (1999 – 2003)F20C14.8 l 5.07 US Quarts / Filter: 0.3 l 0.32 US Quarts3 750 miles / 6 months 260.83 $/345.66$
S2000 (AP2) (2004 – 2009)F22C14.8 l 5.07 US Quarts / Filter: 0.3 l 0.32 US Quarts12 months 260.83 $/345.66$

Final words

As per my aspect, That was all about details regarding Honda S2000 Engine Oil Capacity, if you want to more information regarding engine oil then comment us on the comment box, Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more new stuff like this.


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