Honda eb5000 oil type

10W-30 Oil is recommended for Honda eb5000x generator. For operator’s information, the oil alert system of Honda eb5000x is designed to prevent engine damage effortlessly. It alerts the operator before reaching the oil limit as it might damage the generator.

FAQ honda eb5000 oil type

What kind of generator is the Honda eb5000?

Honda EB5000 Industrial Generator | Honda Generators The Honda EB5000 portable industrial generator offers 5000 watts of commercial power, ideal for construction, rental, industrial, and professional needs. Go

What kind of oil do you put in a Honda generator?

Oil specifications. Honda generators that operate with a 4-cycle engine require a 4-stroke motor oil that is rated API service class SJ or a later equivalent. 10-W-30 is the standard all-temperature motor oil recommended by Honda for its generators. Different viscosities may be used if local average temperatures warrant it.

Why buy the eb5000?

Keeps you working, all day long. The EB5000 runs approximately 10.5 hours at half load and 7.1 hours at full load. 3 year commercial/residential warranty You can rest easy, knowing your generator is covered from top to bottom for 3 full years.

Is the eb5000 OSHA compliant?

OSHA Worksite Compliant The EB5000 was designed to meet OSHA requirements, making it ideal for worksite applications. 6 outlets for easy connection of multiple tools Low 63-65 dB(A) sound level Special muffler for quieter operation

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