Honda crv 2014 oil type

I don’t believe Honda uses any type of break in oil. Honda 0w20 oil like Toyota’s 0w20 has a lot of moly additive which is a antiwear additive. There are plenty of Honda people on the forum that changed their oil early without any problems. Considering all the metal that was in that new Pilot’s oil,I’m going to change mine at 3500 miles. ’17 CR-V …

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What’s new in the 2014 Honda CR-V?

If you need tow heavy loads or haul more than five passengers, the CR-V isn’t for you. Also, while you can get features like navigation and upgraded audio on other competitor’s mid-line trims, the CR-V only offers these features on its most expensive model, the EX-L. What’s New? There are no major changes to the 2014 CR-V by Honda.

Does the 2020 Honda CR-V have an oil dilution issue?

That said, there have still been complaints lodged with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding the oil dilution issue even in 2020 Honda CR-V models.

Does the 2013 Honda CR-V have a direct injection engine?

The 2013 Honda CR-V is smooth and confidence-inspiring, but it’s not at all exciting. Most of the alternatives to the 2013 Honda CR-V include both a six-speed automatic transmission and direct-injection engines, but the CR-V may seem a little behind the times with its five-speed automatic and lack of DI.

Is the 2013 Honda CR-V a good fuel-efficient vehicle?

The 2013 Honda CR-V is one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in its class, but there’s a bit of a back story as to why. Last year, instead of adding a six-speed automatic to the lineup, Honda made the gear ratios taller for the five-speed automatic transmission.

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Oil Change & Filter Replacement Honda CR-V 2012-2014 and reset oil indicator light

How to change oil for a 2014 Honda CR-V EX #Honda #howto

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