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If using Harley brand fork oil then type “B” or “E” is recommended depending on the model. The alternative product for those who require superior performance is Shock Therapy #10 Fork Oil which can be used in place of either type oil.

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What kind of oil should I use in my Harley Davidson?

In air-cooled engine (like the ones found in most Harleys), heat can be an issue. That’s why it’s often better to choose a synthetic-based oil over a mineral (regular) oil as it’ll have better heat tolerance. With our oil selector, you’ll be able to choose a premium oil but save a few quid on the official Harley engine oil.

Is there anything wrong with Harley oil?

Don, in his April column, wrote: “There is nothing wrong with Harley oil, and it is a good fossil oil to run in your bike. It is just that modern marketing can be very skillful in making the consumer paranoid about using anything but the manufacturer’s suggested oil.

Is there a rebuttal to Harley-Davidson’s comments on synthetic motor oil?

Harley-Davidson later responded challenging his statements and recommendations. A rebuttal by Chuck Goldmann (ExxonMobil) provided readers with an excellent overview of synthetic motor oils and their advantages over petroleum.

Can you use automobile oil in motorcycle oil?

Later, because of the continued misinformation that an automobile oil cannot be used as a motorcycle oil, AMSOIL took the last step of producing two grades of AMSOIL synthetic motorcycle oil. Public perceptions and fears can drive consumer behavior, whether true or not.

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What oil should I run in my Harley

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